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  • Why We Ask For Your Email and Phone Number

    Posted on 04, April, 2017

    We ask you for your e-mail address and cell number because this allows us to contact you quickly during the day. We understand that answering the phone at work can cause problems, but if we have your cell phone number we can send a text with an update on your vehicle, your preventive maintenance inspection and alert you to any issues or concerns. We can then schedule a phone call at your convenience to go over the recommended work and answer any questions. We are then able to send you estimates for any recommended work to your e-mail for you to review and approve or decline work. Also we send out special offers thru e-mail that are only available for a short time. As always you can choose to decline these methods of contact and we can always call you. It is always our hope to be transparent and clear with our communication - so whatever works best for you is how we will communicate.

  • Why do timing belts cost so much?

    Posted on 29, June, 2016

    Why do some shops recommed a timing belt and a waterpump not just a timing belt? Depending upon the vehicle if the timing belt drives the waterpump we recommend replacing the timing belt, waterpump and the tensioners all at the same time. This also includes flushing the coolant system if called for... Yes we can just change the belt but all of those components have been in the vehicle the same length of time. This increases the cost, some labor not usually alot and the cost of the additional parts. I really don't want to tell a client that we saved you money but now the water pump is leaking and we need to remove everything again in several months. Ouch. We base our recommendations on experience so that you the client gets the best value for your time and money.

  • Ready for the Rain?

    Posted on 04, May, 2016

    Driving in the rain can be challenging. Today I drove in a torrential down pour, I saw so many cars without lights on or some out. My wipers were doing a good job but it was raining so hard I could not see where I was going. Making sure that your lights are on and wipers are working is a safety issue not just the Law. (Lights and Wipers On). In our area also watch for the flooding. Driving thru standing water can cause damage to the vehicle, from the computers, electrical components to the engine. Unfortunally we see Hydro Lock to often, Hydro lock is when the engine has water taken into the internal part causing the car to stop and damaging the engine.

  • The Importantance of Maintenance

    Posted on 27, April, 2016

    Why maintenance is important? Today cars are ment to last longer, exchanging fluids such as Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Coolant and Transmission Fluid are the simular to changing your oil. These fluids should never look bad, that indicates neglect and can cause additional issues with the system that runs on the fluid. ​Exchanging these at the proper interval for your vehicle means that there will be less repairs.

    Changing your oil, rotating tires and fluid exchanges make the car perform better, longer and with less brakedowns.